10 things you’ll never hear in Bangkok

1. ‘Nah, I’m just gonna go ahead and eat this dessert, I cant be bothered to Instagram it.’

2. ‘It’s only round the corner, shall we just walk?’

nobody walks in bkk

3. ‘Tuk tuks really are the best and cheapest way to get around town.’

4. ‘Party in Punnawithi? Let’s go!’

gurl, you crazy

5. ‘Yep, it’s essential to learn the language, you simply can’t get by without it.’

6. ‘Nah, I’m not really sure about my political leanings, shall we ask this taxi driver his opinion?’

that's a bad idea

(seriously, don’t!)

7. ‘You know what this town needs? More malls.’

8. ‘I know, darling – let’s treat ourselves to a nice little staycation on Khao San Road this weekend!’

true love in bangkok

Nothing says romance like hotels by the hour

9. ‘Actually, I’m over the whole brunch thing. Fuck eggs benedict.’

10. ‘Brrrr. Bit nippy today, isn’t it?’

bangkok heat

Melting… for real.

This post was inspired by ’62 things you’ll never hear a Londoner say’.  As you can see,  mine is much shorter, sooooooo – more suggestions please!


4 thoughts on “10 things you’ll never hear in Bangkok

  1. Gaia Sca

    11. No thanks, I think three Martinis were enough
    12. I got here 5 minutes early
    13. Please text me, I don’t have a smart phone
    14. I can’t buy it, the 7eleven is closed


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