Phantom of the bleurgh

I know it’s not a very witty title but I have something to say, dammit!

In my beloved little flat (read: shoebox), the Bangkok cable TV fairies have taken it upon themselves to lay on some truly excellent channels. Surfing through such delights as the Asian Food Network (read: YummyVision), Harry Potter over-dubbed in Thai (is it weird that Ron is quite sexy when voiced by a husky Asian?) I came across the movie adaptation of Phantom of the Opera. I have never seen either the film or the musical and as such, my long-held view that it is probably utter tosh is not based on any legitimate facts. Acknowledging this, I thought I would watch to see if my unwarranted opinion had any foundation. Now, I happened to turn it on at the bit where they (ol’ mangle-face and whatshername) are singing One Love One Lifetime which, as it turns out, is a stoopid song, even by AnShrew Lloyd Webbed-feet’s standards.

The crux of this charming ditty is that the characters demand huge commitments of each other, all the while implying that these requests are mere trifles, whims.

some examples:

Say you’ll share with me one love one lifetime….

Say you’ll need me with you now and always…

Anywhere you go, let me go too…

…That’s all I ask of you

Am I missing something? Is it meant to be ironic? It’s like ‘hey Mrs, I just want you to promise to adore me and only me all your life… That’s all.’ Basically, marriage vows. And (most) people take that shit pretty seriously! But here are these two warbling away like, ‘Oi, babe, could you just do this one little thing? No biggie…’


Having said all of that, I was, admittedly, squawking along by the end, trying (heartily unsuccessfully) to hit the harmonies. Damn you Lord Vowl-demort and your catchy witchcraft! Tis musical Devilry!

In conclusion :
Ridiculous song that belittles life-long commitments. Stirring tune!


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