……or URL PeRiL

My rather brilliant Mum kindly pointed out that the title to this very blog, when shmooshed together as a URL could be read as ‘Scribbling Sofa Scribbler’. She asked me if I do all my scribbling on the sofa, to which I replied quick as a flash, with my trademark rapier wit, ‘No,  it’s a bugger to get biro out of the upholstery!’  BOOM!

But then I thought about what a scribbley sofa might be like…..

Is it bad that now I’m a grown up, I still get the urge to doodle on the furniture?

No! I expect it’s endearing.


But then, I got to thinking about the perils of the URL and have come across some much more unfortunate than mine:

For instance, why not plan a romantic getaway to the idyllic Pen Island?



What if you’re innocently visiting www.pscychotherapist.com and it turns out to be a very dark blog belonging to ‘Psycho the Rapist’?


Want to find some great jokes for kids?



Or some nice apparel for them:



Want to change some foreign currency?



I laughed so hard finding these gems that I had to have a lie down on my Scribbley Sofa!


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