Welcome to my scribbly world

I have scribbled many things over the years and many of them have never seen the light of day (and in some cases, rightly so).

So I decided to create a place where my various scribblings in their many hues can be compiled and live harmoniously amongst each other in the hope that it will incentivise me to create more on a regular, if not frequent, basis.

From the silly (but in my opinion, wonderful) jokes I like to pretend (but never claim) are mine, to the dreams, stories, poems and petty rants I wish to share with anyone who happens to stumble across them, they will all have a little nest here and you are welcome to visit them!

Oh, by the way, I’m Nicky. Some people call me Scribbles, or Scribbz…or The Scribblator…and sometimes Professor Scribblington.

I like reading, writing, dreaming, doodling and dancing. Here I am doing some thinking:



One thought on “Welcome to my scribbly world

  1. Paul

    Trying to be relevant and funny is one thing, using vulgar language is another, must you
    you use them to be funny? George Carlin you’re not…..


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